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Basics on the Most common types of criminal law

Criminal lawMany things can land you on the wrong side of the law. Knowing about the law can help you avoid being involved in cases that might ruin your reputation, or worse attract jail time when you are not prepared. The Most common types of criminal law restrict people from doing things that are illegal according to the law. Many people do not have an idea about them, and they can be arrested for simple mistakes. The following is a discussion of the laws. You will also learn how they can implicate you.

Civil law

Civil laws are put in place to govern normal citizens, and give them guidelines and restrictions of the things that are against the laws of a country. They protect people from being used and offended by others. These laws are often to restrain the people in higher positions from mistreating their juniors. If a crime is committed against you, report it to the police station and the investigations will be started. If there is convicting evidence, the person who committed the crime is immediately arrested. The case is then taken to court for prosecution and the defendant is given a chance to speak on the case.

Substantive criminal laws

These are laws that state the crimes people can be accused of, and the exact punishments that people should face in case they are guilty of the crime. The laws are put in place by the government to restrict people from doing things that are inhumane. Some cases involving these types of laws are mere accusations and they can cause you to be arrested and jailed wrongfully. You are given a right to a lawyer who will defend you, and try to get the accusations away.

The other felonies that can lead to a jail term are specified in the justice system. There is more information regarding the laws that can be helpful to you. You can find the laws on the judiciary system website for self-information.


The law enforcement systems include the police and the judiciary. When a case is filed against you, you have a right to a lawyer who will represent you in the court of law. In case you do not have or cannot afford one, the government assigns a lawyer to your case. You are expected to turn up for court hearings and defend yourself. Evidence is needed for conviction and if you are found guilty, you are sentenced to jail. If the evidence is insufficient, you will be released for further investigation. It is wise to get familiar with the Most common types of criminal law, so that you evade convictions at all costs. Do not land yourself into trouble out of ignorance.