4 Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Lawyer

If you’ve decided to hire a lawyer, you may think that the more difficult days are behind you. After all, you’ve already decided to file a lawsuit, something you’ve been thinking long and hard about. We hate to break it to you, but there are still difficult days ahead. However, if you find the right lawyer, the days won’t seem quite as hard. How do you screen for “the best” lawyer for your case? We have four tips below.

Ask how long someone has been in practice

Only you know how large or small your issue is. Different situations call for different lawyers. While a newbie might be able to handle your case, chances are you want a pro in the seat if you’re facing a bigger issue.

Ask what kinds of cases he/she usually handles

There are different types of lawyers for different areas of practice. Additionally, if you’re going through a divorce, you may know to look for a family lawyer, but chances are you want a family lawyer that specializes in separation or dissolution, not adoptions.

Ask if he/she has handled cases like yours

Your case might be unique or there might be dozens that are similar. The details pertaining to your case, however, are likely unique to you. Find out how many cases similar to yours a lawyer you’re interviewing has handled. Don’t avoid requesting track numbers – a lawyer is a big investment and you deserve to know what you’re paying for.

Ask if he/she has additional training or knowledge that may apply to your case

Sure, that law degree hanging on the wall of the office you’re sitting in is impressive. However, that doesn’t mean it’s enough. Find out more about your lawyer’s background. Have they won any industry awards? Do they participate in related work outside their law practice? Feel free to ask questions that will help you form a better picture of exactly whom you’re hiring.

There are many others things you may want to know about your lawyer’s background before you hire them. The above list is a good starting point for getting to know your potential lawyer.

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